Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Update on the Forums and a Ramble or Two...

HELLO magazine fans!! The Blog has been sparse lately, because we have been working so hard on getting the forums up and running. We have a lot of new members, which we're very excited about, and we cant wait to get to know each one better. If you haven't joined yet you should, and if you've joined but are just lurking come on out of hiding - we want to know you!

A few random photography thoughts since it's been so long. I'm a huge CS5 lover, but Shannon wrote an article in the last mag issue about Lightroom that got me curious. So I tried it. I LOVE IT! I won't be giving up my photoshop by any means because I adore it as well, but I've started doing my basic stuff in Lightroom and finishing up in CS5, utilizing my favorite features from both. I think that if CS5 isn't an option with you then Lightroom is a great option. Lightroom + Photoshop Elements could be a great combo, and more affordable.

And how about a bit of homework? Have you taken any great nature shots lately? I have, and have loved getting out and playing with my camera. Your homework is to go have some FUN with your cam and show up the shots. Either email them to or link us in the comments!

Happy Shooting!!


  1. and for some wildlife photography :)
    Thank you for viewing

  2. I seriously need to try LR!! I'm stuck in my ways. :)