Wednesday, January 5, 2011

We're Back!!!

So things have been kind of slow over the holidays, but we're back and we're making up for it!! Our members have been faithfully posting their photos over in the group, and there are going to be a whole bunch of them in this post. It's too hard to narrow down that many good photos, so we'll just go a little overboard. :)

I LOVE the reflection in this photo!

I also love seeing photos of old buildings, especially barns, so naturally this one caught my eye.
Some of our members are practicing with new equipment to farther sharpen their skills. (And the subject is adorable!)
And some are showcasing that they have more than one talent! Laura of Blue Bonnet Designs made this snood and took the photo!This next one is just too adorable for words. See for yourself!
Who doesn't love a fantastic snowflake photo?

And guess what the next holiday is?

Tis the time of year for sports photography, like this fine example!and finally - I have loved this shot since the first time I laid eyes on it. It helps that the photographer has taught me SO much!

There were many more that I wanted to get, but time would not allow on this go-around. Keep posting and thank you for the support!

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