Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Issue and Some Excting News!!!!

Hellooooo everyone!!!!! We haven't blogged in awhile, but that is about to change! :D We have some exciting new developments happening at BCP Mag and can't wait to fill you in.

First of is our new issue that is out for sale! We're really enjoying the new format, and find that our readers are too. There's information on many different things in each issue now. :D Click here to get this issue for yourself!

Now in other news.....some of you may know that our beloved magazine emerged from some tight friendships we formed on a social networking site called CafeMom. We have decided to continue to utilize CafeMom to share our knowledge with our reader base. We are excited and pleased to announce the Breakfast Club Photography Forum. When you join this forum you will have access to tips and one on one help from the staff of BCP Mag. We post all kinds of tutorials and tips, and give constructive criticism on how to improve your own images. Just like our magazine, it is for professionals and hobbyist alike. :D

One of the fun things we do are Photo of the Day and Theme Posts. For photo of the day, the members post a photo they took that day, that they love. And for Theme posts, we give a theme and you post a photo that you have taken that shows your interpretation of the theme. We have a lot of fun doing this, and as announced in the forum already, we are going to feature some of our members photos on the Blog!!

And if you haven't figure it our already, this post is the debut of that sharing!! So here are some photos taken by some talented members of our group. If you would like to see your photo featured, hurry over and join and start posting. You know you want to! :D

I love love love this photo that was posted in the "Babies" Theme post. I'm a sucker for color, and love the colors in this.

Since it's getting close to Christmas, we are seeing more festive photos appear. This next one was added in a Photo of the Day post, and really caught my eye!
And finally this next one was in a "Christmas Tree" Theme post...I LOVE these types of photos, and have actually taken some of my own for fun. This is a great way to remember that photography truly is an art.....and that you really are painting with light. :)


  1. Christmas Tree Love? I can't believe thats your tree. Wow so pretty...

  2. Love it! So pretty.

  3. What a great picture