Friday, June 4, 2010

Giveaway #3---WINNER!!

Congratulations to Christina Zimmerman, who won Giveaway #3---a Camera Charm Necklace!!! Woohoo!! Christina was comment number 30::
Christina Zimmerman said...

i'm a fan on facebook!


  1. You should have only put in 43 not 100. There was only 43 comments on the blog. ;)

  2. I actually did put 43 as the 'MAX', apparently doesn't copy/paste so well. lol! Thank goodness I still had the tab open or I might would have thought I was sprinting towards insanity because I remember checking the total number of comments--twice! Thanks for looking out for us Allison! [And now I know how to do a screenshot...haha!!]
    --noel :)